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Grimm Season 6 News: NBC Cancels The Show; TNT Network to Pick It Up Due to Public Demand?

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Grimm Season 6

NBC had renewed Grimm for its sixth installment. However, several fans will be sad to learn that Grimm Season 6 could possibly be the last for the hit series. The season will be composed of 13 episodes and is all set to air in 2017.

Now new reports claim that there could be a possibility for Grimm Season 7 to happen. This is due to public demand.

Loyal viewers of Grimm took to social media to express their disappointment upon learning that the well-loved show is cancelled. It?s safe to mention that the show has received good ratings and positive feedback. However, it looks like the number of its viewers is dwindling.

It was reported that the declining number of viewers is the primary reason why the show has been cancelled. But fans can at least stay hopeful that the well loved show could be renewed for season 7. If this will be the case, it could most likely air on a different network.

Online Petitions Were Heard

Online petitions from fans filled the internet in the wake of the supposed cancellation of Grimm. The petitions were addressed to NBC directly. The majority are hoping that the police procedural show will be renewed for 4 more seasons. As of September 12, it was recorded that 7,419 supporters already joined the said petition.

If Grimm will not be renewed by NBC, many are hoping that the show will be picked up by other networks. It seems like the TNT network is the favourite of many of its loyal viewers.

Fans are hoping that TNT will pick up Grimm. However, the network has shown no signs of granting the wish of fans. It is a very rare situation for a show to be picked up by another network when its home channel announces its cancellation. But this does not mean that there is no chance for TNT network to consider giving the show a chance.

Fans are hoping that the network will comment about the issue in the near future. Although Grimm Season 7 remains unsure, fans remain excited about it.

Grimm Season 6 is slated to premiere on January 6, 2017.

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