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Grimm Season 6 Air Date, Spoilers: Magical Twig?s Real Ability to be Revealed, Love Triangle Between Nick, Juliette and Adalind

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Grimm Season 6

Grimm Season 6 could return this fall 2016. And, when the well-loved series comes back for the next season, it is going to bring a different dynamics for everyone. Season 6 will see the real ability of the magical twig. Viewers will discover if the mysterious stick that healed the Scooby Gang from the last episode has an aftereffect, or if it really has a super power.

In Grimm Season 5, members of the Scooby Gang could have died without the magical twig. But it looks like there?s more about it to be known.

According to David Greenwalt, the series creator, the upcoming sixth installment of Grimm will see some revelations and the healing stick will be the biggest mystery of the season. Greenwalt said it won?t be long until the viewers learn its abilities and origins.

The series creator also revealed in the San Diego Comic-Con that viewers can expect to see several repercussions, where it came from and how it got to where it was.

Grimm star David Guintoli also provided some hints on the things that are going to happen in Season 6. In an interview, Guintoli confirmed that there will be a developing love triangle. It will be between him, Juliette/Eve, played by Bitsie Tulloch, and Adalind, Claire Coffee?s character.

We can also look into the possibility that Juliette will regain her memory. If she does, she will most likely feel guilty towards her behaviour with Nick. Things could get worse when she finds out that Nick is into another woman.

Nick also falls for Adalind. This will cause him to doubt his true feelings for Juliette. But it won?t be too easy for him to choose between the two girls.

Guintoli hinted on who his character will end up with. The 36-year-old star said Nick would want to choose a woman with the least intention of killing him. He said he would like it to be a showdown in an enormous, Jerry Springer fashion. ?


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