Grimm Season 5 Spoilers: Nick Burkhardt No Longer A Cop? Monroe Returns To Be Nick?s Partner? Will Nick And Adalind Finally Hook-up?

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Grimm Season 5 spoilers
Photo from the episode “Cry Havoc”

Grimm Season 5 is expected to be a darker, more poignant series as Season 4 left us left us with so much heartbreaking deaths that left main hero Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) in a place that?s just too difficult to return from.

In Grimm Season 4, Nick?s mom Kelly Burkhardt (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), was beheaded by royalty, Kenneth, and even the love of his life, Juliet (Bitsie Tulloch) also bade us farewell during the season ender. So it?s no surprise that Nick takes on a darker path that?s probably motivated by revenge for losing the most important women of his life.

Grimm Season 5?Spoilers

In an interview with Showbiz Junkies, Giuntoli talked about the very big possibility of Nick leaving the police force and focusing on just being a grimm.

?”I’d say they’re localizing it more to what it was,”?Giuntoli describing what they plan to do in Season 5. “It seems to be Portland, it seems to be Wesen. It seems to be Nick plotting revenge. I would definitely say I don’t really care about being a cop anymore. I’m just like I’m doing my own Grimm thing.”

Is he and Adalind finally hooking-up? Hardly. There?s still Captain Renard to complicate their love triangle, or love square if you consider Meisner whom we think had the most chemistry with the beautiful hexenbiest.

And since Meisner?s appearance in the last season, we?re pretty sure he?s returning.

“I would say the dynamics have certainly changed. Now Adalind’s having my baby. What?! So that’s changing the dynamics quite a bit. But I want to figure out who did all of these things to me. They beheaded my mom, they killed my woman, and I want to get whoever did that.”

Will Monroe fight alongside the Grimm again?

Last season, Monroe was sort of stuck in the apothecary shop with Rosalie, fearing that his growing family will once more be attacked by the Tribunal and the Wesen Council.

But this season, it is rumored that Monroe will once more go on missions with Nick ? a timely support if you ask us, since he needs some much-needed moral boost. And how true is it that Trubel is in trouble come Season 5?

“I think it’ll re-up the Nick and Monroe relationship. I think they realized that the fans really enjoy that so they want to bring it back. I’ve seen evidence of that. Trubel is who I’m concerned about right now. Something bad happens to her right away,”?Giuntoli.

Grimm Season 5 starts this October 30, 2015, on NBC.

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