?Grimm? Season 5 Episode 13 Spoilers: Bloodshed To Take Place As New Villain Is Set To Enter

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Expect bloodshed in the forthcoming episode of ?Grimm? Season 5. Another villain is set to spread chaos and fear in Wesen. Of course, there?s one group that can prevent these killings ? the group of Nick.

According to a report from Ecumenical News, Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee will once again try to halt evil in Wesen as they hunt down a maskmaker that will create a lot of trouble in episode 13. Based on the promotional video, the new antagonist will be creating Luchador masks, which happen to have powers transferrable to whoever wears it. The upcoming episode is entitled ?Silence of the Slams.?

The official synopsis from TV.com, as stated from Ecumenical News report, says that an ancient Wesen warrior will be in the modern world of Luchador through a local maskmaker. As expected, the group of Nick will come to the rescue. On another storyline in the show, Eve?s curiosity starts to bother the other characters.

Will Nick and his friends be able to prevent the maskmaker from killing more innocent people?

So what happened on the 100th episode of Grimm?

It should be remembered that Nick and Monroe found themselves in Black Forest, where a priest held a search party for them. Luckily, they were able to escape but Monroe was injured. As for Rosalie, her violent stalker Tony demanded USD 5000 from her. Adalind came to the rescue and threatened Tony.

When Nick and Monroe returned from Europe, they immediately went to Rosalle, Wu, Hank and Adalind to open the box. How? By using Nick?s blood. They found a stick wrapped in cloth. Later on the last episode, Monroe appeared to be dying, with Nick and his friends already calling an ambulance. But the stick surprised everyone as it healed Monroe.

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