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Grey?s Anatomy Season 13 Spoilers: Alex Spends Time in Jail? What is Meredith?s Secret That Will Make Alex and Maggie Mad?

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Grey?s Anatomy Season 13
Grey?s Anatomy Season 13

Grey?s Anatomy is all set to return on Thursday, September 22. When the series hits the small screens, it will pick up right where it left off in Grey?s Anatomy Season 12 final episode.

It can be recalled that Alex beat DeLuca to death. The only reason that he did is due to a miscommunication. Viewers will learn what will happen after that incident. Rumor has it that Alex will have to spend some time in prison because of what he did.

Aside from this incident, Alex opted to dump Jo in the Season 12 finale. The latter insisted that she does not want to marry him. On that very night that Jo was dumped by Alex, she went at a bar and got really drunk. DeLuca was told to keep Jo under his watch.

Jo told DeLuca about her secrets. She admitted everything about her past. Jo changed her name and ran away from her husband. If she marries Alex, it could mean that her former husband, who was abusive by the way, will find her to make their divorce official.

Alex saw Jo and DeLuca in an inappropriate position when he came in the house. DeLuca was on top of Jo. She accidentally pulled him on top of her. It occurred when she was taking her clothes off. And so Alex totally misunderstood things and went ahead to beat DeLuca.

Grey?s Anatomy Season 13 will see how Jo and Alex will fix the misunderstanding between them. Many are left wondering if they could even mend their relationship.

Meredith?s Secret Makes Alex and Maggie Mad

Meanwhile, another exciting thing that fans can look forward to in Grey?s Anatomy Season 13 is to know what Meredith?s secret is. It seems that the secret is not a very pleasing one since both Alex and Maggie will reportedly get mad.

Grey?s Anatomy Season 13 spoilers claim that Meredith?s secret is that she is dating Riggs. She and Riggs could have been hooking up. Apparently, Alex and Maggie did not know about it until the secret is revealed.

Learn the secret of Meredith and more when Grey?s Anatomy returns to ABC on Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. ET for Season 13.

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