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Grey?s Anatomy Season 13, Ep 8 Spoilers: Life On The Line While Team Fights Each Other

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13, Ep 8
Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Ep 8

The last episode of Grey?s Anatomy has left audiences on the edge of their seats as they wonder just what will happen next. Well for those of you who are curious enough, we have the latest spoilers for Grey?s Anatomy season 13?s upcoming episode 8.

Someone?s life will be on the line in the episode. And let’s just say some old haunting memories will be coming back. If you?re still curious to know what happens next, then read on.

The Trailer

The latest trailer on episode 8 has given us some insight in the drama that?s about to unfold. Its depicted that a life threatening surgery will take place at Grey Sloan Memorial. And if the surgery wasn?t enough, it?s also set to haunt the surgeons with some bad past memories.

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They lost a patient back then. And know they face a similar case on their hands. The team will be forced to overcome their nerves and work together if they want to succeed where they failed in the past.

However, things get trickier as conflicts between the surgeons arise mid-surgery. The conflict isn?t detailed but we do know that it will be a great hindrance to the surgery. If the team doesn?t get along in time, then losing the patient may be absolute.

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The Team

The team?s dynamics are set to change as a new leader is introduced in episode 8. The leader will oversee the teams of Owen, Meredith, and Stephanie.

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As for April, it looks like her love life is about to get interesting in episode 8. She?ll be seen exploring things with Jo?s ex. The two will be set to go on a date.

This new revelation in April?s love life may also mean that she may not be able to get back with Jackson anymore. But it’s still too early to say. Things could turn around quickly in the upcoming episodes.

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