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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Cast: McDreamy’s Return Confirms Cristina Coming Back In Finale?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Cast

Grey?s Anatomy is certainly one of the most successful dramas on television for the past decade. The show is already in its thirteenth season yet fans cannot just seem to get enough of the doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital. Fans of the show got a huge surprise when the latest episode ended with Dr. Derek Shepherd making an appearance. This has made many fans question whether another cast member Cristina Yang could be coming back to the Grey?s Anatomy Season 13 cast soon.

Cristina Yang has certainly been one of the major characters of Grey?s Anatomy since the series began. The character which is being portrayed by Sandra Oh has clashed with Dr. Meredith Grey, being played by Ellen Pompeo as well as other doctors in Seattle Grace. She has also grown with the doctors too which has made her one of the integral characters in the show.

At the end of Grey?s Anatomy Season 10 though Cristina Yang left Seattle Grace after accepting a job offer to run the hospital that his former flame Dr. Preston Burke had built. This meant that Cristina left the show altogether but fans are hoping that she could make a comeback in the Season 13 finale.

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According to ChattSportsNet, there have been several reports that Cristina Yang could be joining the Grey?s Anatomy Season 13 cast. This is due to the fact that the season is expected to focus more on the original characters of the show.

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Certainly, the flashback appearance of Dr. McDreamy in the last episode was a pleasant surprise. It also supported the fact that the show has been going back to its roots and exploring the story of the main characters of Grey?s Anatomy.

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If indeed Cristina Yang is going to come back, Grey?s Anatomy fans are surely going to be ecstatic. It is still unknown exactly how the show will write her return to Seattle Grace but surely though seeing her together with Meredith will be a sight for sore eyes.

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