Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Release Date, News & Update: Camilla Luddington Sheds Light on Her Character; See Compelling Story of Her Relationship with Karev

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As Grey’s Anatomy Season 13?Part 2 continues on January, the cast are still oblivious of the big reveal. The cliffhanger story of Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) left fans with questions, questions that seem to demand answers on the first few episodes of Season 13 part 2.

We all know that Jo already made her revelation to Alex; that she?s still married to man who abused her. Unfortunately, she also has a dark secret that she fears being discovered during Alex?s trial. While she wishes to tell him everything before he discovers them in court, Jo?s mind is having second thoughts. Grey’s Anatomy Season 13?will be everything you hoped to be for the show.

Interview with Camilla Luddington

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Camilla Luddington and her interview revealed some information about her shady character. Since Jo?s name in the show isn?t really Jo, she was asked whether she has any idea on what her real name might be. She answered this question saying ?I still don’t know her name! I keep waiting for her to say it. If Alex [Justin Chambers] asks, I think he’d be the one person she’d tell, so I wish he did.?

As for her name ?Jo? on Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, she said, she didn?t have any idea why she was named that. ?I’m also super curious as to why she picked ‘Jo’ for her new name. Was there significance for her? I like to think she grew up reading Little Women and loved Jo March, who is one of my favorite headstrong female characters, and took it from that.?

Grey's Anatomy Season 13, Ep 8

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Ep 8

The last episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 13?part 1 featured Alex Karev about to accept a plea bargain in order to spare Jo from appearing in court. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) did not agree to it and tried talking him out of the situation. Part two of the beloved medical drama will resume on January 19, 2017 on the ABC network.

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