Grey?s Anatomy Season 12 Spoiler: Meredith Faces Another Heartbreaking Moment, Who Will Support Her?

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A sneak peek for the upcoming fifth episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 12 was recently released online by ABC, and we?re looking forward to some exciting scenes ahead. In the clip, Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) reaction upon seeing Callie’s (Sara Ramirez) girlfriend Penny (Samantha Sloyan) was finally revealed.

“C’mon, let’s rip the band-aid, and I will introduce you,” Callie told Penny.As they were approaching Meredith and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), the former looked at a family photo that featured her daughter and late husband Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey).

Meredith immediately grabbed the picture frame and ran upstairs. While this was happening, Alex (Justin Chambers) noticed how uncomfortable Meredith looked.It seems like Alex will follow Meredith in her bedroom upstairs, and the two will talk about Penny’s real connection to Meredith. reported Design Trend.

According to Latin Post, eventually Meredith is expected to face the issue later on in the episode, since this is such a heart wrenching matter for her to endure and because she is reminded of it every time she is in Penny’s presence.

In a sneak-peek video, fans watch as Meredith reacts to Penny?s surprising debut by flipping over the photos of her late husband and running up stairs to the bathroom after encountering the urge to vomit.

She splashes cold water on her face but the traumatic memories continue to flood her memory. Hopefully Alex (Justin Chambers) can piece together what?s bothering his friend before it?s too late. In the promo video, viewers can see Alex suspiciously watch Mer sprint up the stairs ? and seeing as he?s her ?person? (a title he gained since Cristina [Sandra Oh] left), we have a feeling he can sense something?s not right, reports International Business Times.

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