?Grey?s Anatomy? Season 12 Episode 14 Spoilers: Meredith to fall in love again?

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Moving on is one of the hardest thing to do when it comes to relationships. How do you move on from loving the person who owned a big part of your life? Meredith, played by Ellen Pompeo, might know how to.

A report of Christian Today suggested that Meredith might be finding herself in love again. This time with a military doctor, Major Will Thorpe, who will be portrayed by Scott Elrod.

It should be noted that it has been almost two years since Meredith?s husband Derek Shepherd, acted by Patrick Dempsey, died. Well, it may not be revealed in the previous episode but two years have already gone by and it appears that she is ready to fall in love again.

According to the report, last episode showed how Meredith finally pushed herself to move forward and face the world without her husband. Timing may be a bit biased with Thorpe as Meredith?s decision to move on coincided with the latter?s discovery about his feelings for the widow.

Luck may also be on Thorpe?s side as Meredith then gave her number.

So don?t be surprised if she finds the love she has been longing for with another guy.

An article of Cinema Blend reveals that Meredith will be seen in Episode 14 of ?Grey?s Anatomy? Season 12 trying to work a love interest with someone. Why not? It?s been awhile since she?s gone out on a date. By ?a while?, I meant with Derek. So why should we deprive her of her chance to be happy again?

However, other reports also said that Meredith is expected to have a love affair with a new cast, Dr. Nathan Riggs, played by Martin Henderson. So what will be his role should Thorpe turn out to be the ?right guy??

Well, she might have a relationship first with Major Thorpe, then give Dr. Riggs a try. Meredith seems to have options to choose from. But of course, this relationship deemed to be just a short time. This is according to the synopsis for the next installment from Cartermatt.

According to the synopsis, as posted from IB Times, the episode titled the “Odd Man Out” will be also seen doing a revamp of pairings to cope with the evolving dynamics of the hospital. This will not suit well for other doctors. So will there be an internal fight going on among the doctors? We will all find out this week.

Watch “Grey’s Anatomy” season 12 episode 14 on March. 17.

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