Grey?s Anatomy Season 12 Alum Sara Ramirez Debuts Pixie Hair; Draws Likes on Instagram

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You can?t fault a good actress for changing her looks, especially when it?s Grey?s Anatomy Season 12 alum, Sara Ramirez. Her recent Instagram post shows a picture of herself with a gorgeous new pixie haircut. Ramirez has always worn her hair long in Grey?s Anatomy, and most probably, her entire Hollywood career. As of this time, her post has garnered more than 84,000 likes and over 4,000 comments on Instagram.

Sara Ramirez, who played Callie Torres in the hit medical drama Grey?s Anatomy, decided to leave the show after Season 12. She played the role of one of the doctors in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and wife to Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw).

Sara Ramirez on Her Departure with the Show

An interview with the actress revealed why she left Grey?s, wherein the actress replied ?It was a very conscious decision, a choice that I made, and it was really supported by my colleagues and my boss, and so for me, it?s the best choice I ever made. When you?re really clear about the decisions you?re making and why you?re making them, it?s actually rather empowering, and I continue to wish them all well and they know it, so it?s a good thing.?

When Ramirez decided to leave the show, creator Shonda Rhimes picked the best exit scene for her. In Grey?s Anatomy Season 12, her relationship with ex-wife, Robbins was on the rocks. A nasty custody battle followed, wherein, Robbins won the case. The latter soon allowed Torres to bring their daughter to New York where she?s now based.

A chance for Ramirez to return on Grey?s Anatomy Season 13 was never mentioned. First, because she never really expressed her interest to return or make a cameo. But given how her character and exit scene only gave a temporary absence, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel for all the Calzona fans out there.

Grey?s Anatomy Season 13 will premiere Thursday, September 22 on the ABC Channel. For more Grey?s Anatomy spoilers, make sure to check us here on TheBitBag.

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