Grey?s Anatomy Season 13 Cast Rumors: Why Justine Chambers Could Be Leaving The Show

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Grey?s Anatomy Season 13 cast rumors

The now circulating Grey?s Anatomy Season 13 cast rumors are now about Justin Chambers? Alex Karev. Way back in episode 9 of season 12, Alex revealed that he?s going off to the hearing regarding his case.

In addition, the latest spoilers point out that he also has a big announcement to make. Could it be his resignation from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?

The Hearing

?You Haven?t Done Nothin? episode might be the last episode this year. In fact, it seems like the showrunners are up for an unusual cliffhanger. Alex (Chambers) might go to jail immediately after the court hearing because he beat up Andre DeLuca.

Grey?s Anatomy Season 13 cast rumors

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In the meantime, it is well known that Alex is bound to make a life-changing decision soon. Could it really be his resignation from the hospital? At the present time, there are no concrete details about the said rumors.

However, rumors suggest that him being jailed might be the departing scene for Chambers? character from the show. Fortunately, if this Grey?s Anatomy Season 13 cast rumors are proven true, he could also be back later on.

The Truth Has Been Spoken

As Richard Webber?s job continues to be at risk, Dr. Eliza Minnick also continues to creep on his duties, overseeing the residents. In fact, Bailey continues to be on her side. However, Bailey and Webber ends up in a fight regarding her attempts to overthrow him from power.

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That being said, Webber might not be the only one to be forced out of the hospital. Jo finally told Karev the truth about her being married to an abusive man. She told Karev that she lied because she was scared about her secret marriage coming up prior to testifying in court.

Furthermore, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is scheduled to be tested again. An influx of patients is set to happen due to a collapsed building. In the middle of the commotion, Richard Webber asks Miranda Bailey why Eliza Minnick is at the hospital.

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