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?Green? Practices Reward Consumers For Good Eco Behavior

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10-10Bizideas?Green? Practices Reward Consumers For Good Eco Behavior

(Here is Part 10 of our ongoing series on ?10 Great Tech Business Ideas For 2014?. For those who missed Parts 1 – 9 , please see below for the links. – Editor)

The practice of ?green? behavior has often been seen as an act of ?good intentions? and not linked to any material or monetary reward. In the past few years, many governments and organizations have pointed out the benefits, both environmental and monetary, of adapting green or eco practices. This however has been limited mostly to companies, industries and organizations who obviously can only be persuaded if it affects their bottom line.

For ordinary folks like you and me, adapting practices that are good for the environment is largely dependent on our concern for the planet, especially if we are reminded of the environmental conditions our grandchildren, and their grandchildren will inherit from us.

There are some marketing agencies however who are attempting to provide rewards to ordinary individuals who practice good eco behavior without erasing the ?good intentions? and wonderful work these people have done.

AlmapBBDO of Brazil implemented its Beer Turnstile campaign in the Rio Carnival with the aim of recycling 1,000 beer cans every hour and making sure it does not end up in landfills. What they offered to revelers in the carnival was a free ride in the metro system of Rio if they surrendered their empty beer cans (of a specific brand of course) to can collectors in the stations who then made sure it got to the proper recycling centers.

The campaign not only hit its target of recycling cans but also resulted in the added bonus of less drink driving and less private vehicles on the streets (which means less emissions) , as more carnival attendees opted to use the ?free? public metro rail transport system.

Other reward programs for good eco practices were also reported in places like Austria and Germany.

In Austria, a restaurant called BOIMAT gave out customer discounts to those who brought with them food waste collected from their homes which are then fed into a bio-gas system in the restaurant that produced energy for the restaurant’s kitchen.

Meanwhile, AOTERRA of Germany, which provides Cloud Computing Services installs the company servers in people’s homes. These servers, which generate plenty of excess heat provides warmth to the household without incurring any additional energy costs.

These eco and green practices provide us lots of inspirational ideas to come up with our own eco rewards for our customers, not only for them to make the planet a better place, but to reap some benefits in return as well.

This concludes our series on 10 inspirational technology business ideas for the coming year.

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