Green Arrow, Flash Series Update: DC Reveals Crossovers

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In the aftermath of the San Diego #ComicCon2014, one thing?s for certain: those among us who have little to do will have a lot to watch. With the in-flux of a lot of series coming out for TV, most notable among them are Marvel and DC?s offerings, the current Green Arrow series and the Flash are notable offerings.

These two vigilantes, one noted for his speed and the other for his aim, are set to hit the TV screens. The Arrow is taking the lead, and it is about to open its 3rd season. A relative newcomer, it’s still unknown how the Flash series will do on TV. There never has been any Flash show that had enjoyed significant success.

The recent cast for Arrow includes one-time ?Superman,? Brandon Routh, playing the role of Roy Palmer, who is also known as The Atom. Devon Aoki also makes an appearance as Katana while Roy Harper is set to join as Arsenal. Andrew Kreisberg, the executive producer of the show, said Brandon Routh?s inclusion was more for comedic relief than anything else. Roy Palmer will have to be in every aspect of Arrow?s life, and he says Brandon Routh is a perfect fit for the role.

The Flash, Green Arrow?s speedier teammate, will be joining in the fun this fall on CW. Like in Green Arrow, the Flash also has notable cast additions in Prison Break?s Wentworth Miller (as Captain Cold) and The Tomorrow People?s Robbie Amell, joining in another sci-fi project, playing the role of Firestorm.

As for the crossovers, these were announced in relation to the recent cast additions for the shows. The Flash will appear in some sequences in Green Arrow, and vice versa. Oliver Queen will be making an appearance in the Flash?s pilot episode, no doubt to help bring in some needed first show views. Felicity even gets to visit Central City in one episode. There will also be cameo appearances.

DC crossovers such as these are not new. The upcoming Batman v Superman movie demonstrates how such a crossover makes for a lot of profit and viewership. In Marvel?s territory, the show, Agents of Shield, draws a bit of popularity in Agent Colson, who had been seen in Marvel Studio?s Iron Man movies. He is also present in the Thor movies, and was last seen being Loki?s most famous casualty in ?The Avengers? before finally being resurrected just in time to guide the young heroes and agents of Agents of Shield.

The Flash will be premiering on October 7 this year, along with the new season of Arrow on October 8.

Image courtesy of dc.wikia.com

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