Great Edo Blacksmith Revealed by NIS: An Erotic PS Vita RPG

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NIS officially announced the arrival of Great Edo Blacksmith, their latest erotic PS Vita title

NIS officially announced the arrival of Great Edo Blacksmith, their latest erotic PS Vita title

A new PlayStation Vita game from Nippon Ichi Software (NIS), called Great Edo Blacksmith, has finally been confirmed official. This comes roughly a week following a teaser photo released by NIS (shown). The said game will be called ?Oedo Blacksmith? in Japan.

Great Edo Blacksmith is an erotic PS Vita game, similar to the Criminal Girls titles also developed by NIS. The Criminal Girls game lets players control a warden who tries to rehabilitate a group of seven girls, each representing a specific type of sin (i.e. 7 Deadly Sins).

In this upcoming title, players will be in charge of a swordsmith who only has one year left to live. The goal of the game is make as much money as possible and to fall in love with a lovely girl. Its gameplay focuses on creating and selling swords as well as decorations. To obtain the necessary raw materials, the swordsmith will need to venture into various dungeons to mine for minerals. Players can hire allies to assist them during battles, but they would obviously want no allies near them when it?s time to use the ?girl-touching? feature of the game, which will likely take advantage of the PS Vita?s touchscreen display.

A recent issue of Famitsu magazine reveals the first three female characters that players can romantically pursue:

Kiyoka (voice actor: Izumi Chiba) ? She?s known for her side ponytail. She?s mostly upbeat, but she is somewhat of a klutz.

Asaka (voice actor: Tsuji Shizuka) ? A woman completely driven by money, she keeps her private and public life segregated. However, she is friendly with customers of hers.

Yuugiri (voice actor: Shizuka Ito) ? Yuugiri has a very attractive face and body, but she?s also somewhat clumsy and cynical about life.

Great Edo Blacksmith targets male players in their 20s, according to NIS. The PS VIta game will be out on November 27 in Japan for 5,980 yen (roughly $ 60).



Photo Credit: ?Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.

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