?Grease? Conspiracy Theory: A Blow By Blow Account On what Really Happened To Sandy

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Grease Conspiracy Theory
Grease Conspiracy Theory

The Grease conspiracy theory has gone viral and it’s driving people nuts! Some died laughing, but some thought that the idea that Sandy actually died may not be that farfetched. Here?s why:

The theory was formulated during the movie’s final scene, when Sandy and Danny blissfully drive off into the sunset. Quite romantic, huh? Until the car lifts off the ground and goes up and disappears into the clouds. Cool idea at that time. But this was actually made as a basis of a theory. Sandy wasn’t driving off to happily ever after, instead, she was really going to heaven!

The Beach Theory

During Sandy and Danny’s summer lovin’ backstory, the lovely couple was flirting on the beach, having fun. Then Summer Nights comes along and Danny sings the line, “I saved her life- she nearly drowned.” The theory suggests that Sandy really drowned. So the events of the story during their magical high school life together was really nothing more than a flashback. No wonder the movie is filled with outlandish dream sequences. Until of course, it reaches the ending and Sandy flies up into the skies.

Second Theory: Sandy Kills Herself

Redditor Randomd0g has his own theory. He says Sandy dies, yes. But it doesn’t happen until right before the very last scene. The scene where she’s dying and her thoughts take flight.

Back up to “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee”. This is the song before she makes her dramatic change. Notice the last line “Goodbye to Sandra Dee.” Then all the problems in the movie get resolved one by one. Rizzo isn’t pregnant anymore. Kenickie realizes he really loves her. The nerdie guy finally makes the team. Demure Sandy finally breaks free. Things are perfectly the way they should be. Exactly how Sandy wants them to be before she finally dies and goes up in space. Okay, heaven.

What Really Happened

These two theories are interesting and perhaps even worth pondering if you’ve nothing else to do. But even our Grease main man John Travolta just laughed off these rumors and said these were absolutely not true. Besides, it’s hard to come up with serious theories when everyone’s bursting into a song every 15 seconds!

Nevertheless, Grease is Grease and it will always be one of the most beloved films in the 70s. Up until now, of course. It’s timeless and this movie will always be in every Grease fanatics’ heart!

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