Gravity Rush 2 Release Date & Trailer: See the Studio Khara Video That Stitches Together 1 and 2

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Gravity Rush 2

Sony Interactive Entertainment released a new Gravity Rush anime just after Christmas. It is called Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture. It is the anime special that fans will love while waiting for the upcoming Gravity Rush 2 release date. This short animation bridges the story between the original and the upcoming 2nd installment.

Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture runs for roughly 20 minutes. It centers on the main protagonist of the series, Kat. In the Gravity Rush anime, the character packs new power via some new gravity-manipulating abilities from the previous game.

The animation is from Studio Khara. The studio is best known for the anime series of films Rebuild of Evangelion. Studio Khara has also contributed to the Persona 4 and Halo Legends anime. The new Gravity Rush anime is now available to view for free on YouTube.

Gravity Rush 2 Release Date

Release date for the Gravity Rush 2 was originally scheduled for this month. But previous reports suggest that the sequel will be delayed. The Gravity Rush 2 release date on PlayStation 4 in Europe was reported to be on January 18 instead.

The video game will hit Japan on January 19. Fans in the United States and United Kingdom can get their hands on it on January 20. Gravity Rush is also known as Gravity Daze 2 in Japan.

The first game was released in 2012 for the PlayStation Vita. Gravity Rush was eventually made available on PlayStation 4 earlier this year. Many have fallen in love with the game since the beginning. Gravity Rush is an open world game that features a heroine who possesses the ability to re-orientate gravity.

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So for fans who have been counting the days until the Gravity Rush 2 release date, the Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture anime can help make time fly a little faster. Tune in only here at TheBitbag for more Gravity Rush 2 news and updates.

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