Gravity Rush 2 Release Date; Demo Scheduled For Release On PS4 Today

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Gravity Rush 2 Demo

Waiting for Sony Interactive?s Gravity Rush 2 shouldn?t be a problem, given that it?s scheduled to be released in the middle of next month. In addition, fans can try out the game themselves with the Gravity Rush 2 demo that is scheduled to be available today as announced by Project Siren and SCE Japan Studio.

Gravity Rush 2 Demo Have Two Paths

As announced by Project Siren and SCE Japan Studio, there will be a demo that is hitting the PlayStation Store today. Hence, players can try it out a little bit and discover the Gravity Rush 2 gameplay themselves. And apparently, the demo is going to be interesting to a lot of users, including the newcomers to the series.

It appears that the developers are generous enough to set out two paths in the demo. One path is made for the people who are more familiar with the mechanics of the first game. Whereas the other path is designed for the people who are new to the series.

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On the other hand, the PlayStation Blog didn?t reveal further information about the demo, including its duration. Fortunately, they are reportedly revealing more information about the full game at the beginning of 2017 which is a few days away from now.

Furthermore, the release of Gravity Rush 2 demo will be followed immediately after by Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture. The said animation is an original content made by the anime studio, Studio Khara. The said production intends to connect the gap between the first and second game in the series.

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It will be available to watch on YouTube a day after Christmas which is December 26th at 8.00 am PST. In the meantime, fans can watch the teaser for it below.

Gravity Rush 2 Delayed

Gravity Rush 2 Demo

For those who are unaware, Gravity Rush 2 was originally scheduled to be released in late 2016. However, the game ended up being pushed a little bit which is early 2017. According to what Sony stated, the sequel to the first game is the conclusion of Kat?s journey.

Hence, they wanted to give the players the enough time to learn more about her story. In addition, a lot of work are also required to finish the online features of the game in order to implement asynchronous player interaction properly.

Gravity Rush 2 Release Date

While Gravity Rush 2 demo is scheduled today, the full game is scheduled to be released on January 20th, 2017. The game is also exclusive to the console PlayStation 4.

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