Gravity Rush 2 Raven DLC Live In Australia, UK, Asia, And More Regions

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Gravity Rush 2 Raven DLC
Source: Gravity Rush 2 – Tokyo Game Show 2016 Trailer | PS4 video

Recently, players have confirmed that they’re now able to download the free Gravity Rush 2 Raven DLC. Players from Asia, Australia, and Europe have confirmed access to the Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice expansion this March. The DLC allows fans to play as Raven, the black-haired girl that can also shift gravity like Kat.

DLC Regions

Fans on NeoGAF fans have confirmed that the Gravity Rush 2 Raven DLC is now available in some regions. Fans from Asia, Australia, UK, and European regions have confirmed access right now. The North America release of this DLC is slated for March 21.

Gravity Rush 2 Raven DLC contents

Gematsu’s translation of the Famitsu interview to Gravity Rush 2 director Keiichiro Toyama reveals the story of the Gravity Rush 2 Raven DLC. The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice DLC covers the story of Raven and the Boutoume children of the first Gravity Rush game. Toyama explained that this DLC was intended to be in the sequel, but not all of the Gravity Rush 2 players have played the first entry.

DLC Backstory

In the first Gravity Rush game, Kat, Raven, and the Boutoume children riding the Ark was able to return to Hekseville by rushing upward through Hekseville’s gravity storms. However, Kat gets separated from Raven and the children during the trip. Kat finds her way back to Hekseville, but a year has passed after her short visit to Boutoume. Later in the game, Raven shows up again, but the rest of the kids, except for one, don’t make any appearances after that.

Potentially, this DLC may show what happened to Raven and the Boutoume children after Kat gets separated from them. The Boutoume children had character development up until Kat’s separation and they barely appear in the story after this event. Additionally, the Ark they rode on the way up the gravity storms has been confirmed to be connected to Kat’s origins. Kat has been addressed as the “Gravity Queen”, but the game only revealed enough that she’s somehow from a different civilization than Hekseville or the other cities.

Gravity Rush 2 so far

Gravity Rush 2 was among the titles that didn’t have stellar sales this 2017. Gravity Rush 2’s current Metacritic score is 80, which doesn’t attract new players that well. This sequel still features the previous game’s slightly complicated “Gravity Shift” controls which allows players to freely float and fly in midair. More than its unique gameplay, the game is noted to have a great soundtrack. The music features good Jazz music, track remixes from the previous games, and cool but unintelligible vocals. Stay updated with more Gravity Rush 2 news here on TheBitBag.

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