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Gravity Rush 2 Prequel Revealed In New Animated Short

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Gravity Rush 2
Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush was a breakout hit when it came out, and if you weren?t lucky enough to play it, then you should definitely grab its remastered PS4 version. Gravity Rush?s success has easily raised both anticipation and expectation for the upcoming Gravity Rush 2 game.

And now, the game is finally just over the horizon, getting its much awaited release next month in January. Even though the game is just a few weeks away, the developers have still opted to spoil its fan base with a new playable demo with a very substantive animation in it as well.

The Animation

The Overture animation was developed by Studio Khara and comes in two parts. The storyline in the animation occurs after the events of the first Gravity Rush and just before Gravity Rush 2. The animation is pretty much a prequel to Gravity Rush 2.

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The animation is both as informative as it is fan service. It is able to give fans a lot of juicy extra content in the lore of Gravity Rush and it also helps explain the events leading up to Gravity Rush 2. The Nevi?s particular nature of becoming more aggressive was actually explained in the animation.

The production quality of the animation is well done and uses the same 3D character models from the Gravity Rush series. And the score used in it also ties in closely to the games as well. This is because Gravity Rush series composer Kohei Tanaka had his handy work in the musical score.

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Whether you?re a big fan of the Gravity Rush series or not, the animation is definitely worth your time watching. Gravity Rush 2 is set to be released on the PS4 this coming January 20th.?

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