Gravity Rush 2 Powers: Kat Throwing Water Bubbles Excites Fans

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Gravity Rush 2

Recently, Gravity Rush 2 had both its convention exclusive and console demos shown before the game’s release. New features with Kat’s Stasis Field allow her to lift water and even mixed debris to throw at targets in the game. Here’s what we know so far about the new Gravity Rush 2 powers.

Improved Stasis Field

As seen on PlayStation Access’ video about the Gravity Rush 2 convention build, they were given a limited time to explore parts of the Jirga Para Lhao area. Unlike the demo available to the public, this build showed more freedom to use Kat’s powers rather than just following a linear mission path. Kat definitely has some new Gravity Rush 2 powers in the demo and new applications for her older powers.

In the first game, Kat’s Stasis Field makes objects around her float and then throws them at her foes. However, the limitations of this power is she can only pick up certain destructible objects like park benches, garbage bags, and water tanks.

In Gravity Rush 2, Kat can also lift water, shape it into bubbles and throw it to a target. Fans on NeoGAF seem to be excited with Gravity Rush 2’s new Stasis Field water ball visuals and looking forward to more unique throwable objects. Additionally, Kat can also make a makeshift projectile from pieces of debris in the area. At best, the Stasis Field in Gravity Rush 2 may have more and even amusing ammunition in its release.

Other New Powers

The Gravity Rush 2 demos also show the new Lunar and Jupiter forms. These new forms augment Kat’s fighting moves and even gravity speed. Lunar Form allows Kat to float more freely without the gravity shifting and has access to the Wormhole Kicks for fast enemies. Meanwhile, Jupiter Form sports slower, heavier gravity and attacks. Potentially, the full game may have more forms that can be accessed through DualShock 4’s touchpad.

Raven Assist

In the last battle in the Experienced course of the Gravity Rush 2 demo, Raven helps the players fight the police. Using special attacks, Raven joins in, which may mean more damage and range. Potentially, more tag team strikes can be seen in the game as there is still a new character to be introduced in Gravity Rush 2.

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