Gravity Rush 2 Gets PlayStation 4 Version While Gravity Rush Goes HD: New Features To Watch Out For And More

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The hit PlayStation Vita game gets a sequel and a remaster of its original for the PS4.

Kat is back and this time she will having more adventures on the PlayStation 4, as Gravity Rush 2 is confirmed and is on development for the PlayStation console. The sequel to the PS Vita original, you will be learning new game mechanics and more gravity-shifting adventures.

Kat now has three gravity styles at her disposal and not to mention all-new combat options: Normal, Lunar and Jupiter. Lunar style makes the gravity force lighter, giving Kat faster attacks and movements, Jupiter makes the gravity heavier, and making Kat slower but can land devastating blows. You can switch between different gravity styles for a good mix of attack combinations.

Another new feature is the Tag Battle System which you will be paired with an AI-controlled character. Though there are no details on when the game will become available, but it has been announced the Gravity Rush 2 will be arriving to North America. You can check out the gameplay trailer for more of the gravity shifting action.

Aside from the Gravity Rush sequel, the original Gravity Rush will be getting a remaster treatment on the PlayStation 4. Gravity Rush Remastered will be available on February 20, 2016 and will be exclusive for the PlayStation 4. BluePoint Games will be handling the remaster treatment, you will be able to relive the adventures of Kat and her sidekick Dusty as they soar through the city of Hekseville. You will be able to see a smoother, more vibrant visuals thanks to the HD treatment to the game. And aside from the HD improvement, the three DLCs; the Spy Pack, The Maid Pack and The Military Pack will be included in the Remastered game.

Be sure to watch out for Gravity Rush 2 and get yourself a copy Gravity Rush Remastered next year for a great gravity shift induced experience.


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