Gravity Rush 2 Collector’s Edition Announced! No US & Europe Release?

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Gravity Rush 2

Recently, physical copies of Gravity Rush 2 on the PlayStation 4 were confirmed for its regular and Collector?s Edition. However, these physical copies will only be available in Asian. Will the Gravity Rush 2 Collector?s Edition have a US or Europe release?

According to the Playstation Blog Asia, the physical copies of the game will be released on November 30, similar to the game?s European release. A Standard Edition and a Limited Edition will be made available. The game will be available in various languages such as English, traditional Chinese, and Korean, which makes it a good title to import.

For Gravity Rush 2?s Limited Edition, players will be able to avail of the ?White Kat? DLC skin for Kat, a Soundtrack CD, and an exclusive box for the game. While its release has been confirmed for Asian players, US players may have to wait for a confirmation if they?ll receive a similar package.

Both the US and European versions were announced last month, as seen on the European and the US PlayStation Blog. Both the US and European pre-orders will also have a bundle similar to the Asian Limited Edition, though players may want to have physical copies as well. It?s likely that the Playstation Store pre-orders are digital copies, although both Playstation Blog posts mentioned ?participating retailers? for the physical copies of the game. It might be better to call and ask such retailers if you want to get a full physical copy of the Gravity Rush 2 Collector?s Edition or a set of codes to be activated on the store.

The Gravity Rush series is an underrated franchise that features a main character that uses Gravity manipulation to move around town, solve puzzles and fight monsters. A remaster of the first Gravity Rush has also been released, which you can pick first to understand more of the game?s backstory.

Gravity Rush 2 will be released on November 30 in Asia and Europe, while its US release will be on December 2. There?s still plenty of time to wait for more retailers to start offering a physical copy of the game as well as the Collector?s Edition. Based on what happened with the Gravity Rush Remastered for PS4, physical copies of the game might be made if there?s enough demand for it. If not, fans can always import the game, though it?s more tedious to do than just visiting your local stores.

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