Gravity Falls Finale Live Stream Link & Spoilers: What?s Next For Alex Hirsch?

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Gravity Falls? final episode will be airing today after reports about its series ender were released earlier this year. Before we bid goodbye to Mabel and Dipper Pines and watch the Gravity Falls finale live stream at the end of this article, we?ve rounded up news about what to expect from its creator, Alex Hirsch.

The American animator shared how he feels about the hit Disney show ending after two seasons. ?

?This is 100% my choice, and it?s something I decided on a very long time ago,? Alex Hirsch said on a Tumblr post. ??I always designed ?Gravity Falls? to be a finite series about one epic summer ? a series with a beginning, middle, and end.?

However, rumors have been circulating that the mystery series might still return to Disney, but in the form of a different show. ?


According to Variety, Alex Hirsch signed a deal with Fox and 20th Century Fox TV for a script and presentation pilot for what the showrunner dubbed as another ?strange project? slated for this year.

Without giving much details about the new show, Alex Hirsch confirmed that he will be working on something big after Gravity Falls? final episode. ?The rumors are true!? the 31-year-old announced. ?I?m cooking up some new strange projects for some new strange places.?

?2016 is gonna be a crazy year buddies,? he added.

Aside from Alex Hirsch?s follow-up TV project, fans of the show are also excited after Disney Publishing released the show?s book series. Entitled ?Gravity Falls: Journal 3,? the books will be released after the Gravity Falls? final episode airs.

Gravity Falls

In related news, Alex Hirsch proved that he truly is one of today?s most talented animators after he recently released illustrations inspired by two top newsmakers: the 2016 US presidential elections, and the hit mobile game Pokemon GO. His creations featured Donald Trump as Muck and Hilary Clinton as Butterfree. He also drew Bernie Sanders as Charmander and Marco Rubio as Diglett.

Click here to watch Gravity Falls? final episode via live stream, or watch the episode online by clicking here.


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