‘Grass Simulator’: Another Simulator Game Enters The Scene!

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Grass Simulator
Grass Simulator

With all these ?simulator? games, you might be asking yourself, ?What?s with all these simulator games hype??. Believe us, we ask that ourselves too. While we?ve seen a stream of new simulator games like Rock Simulator, Cat Simulator (Catlateral Damage), and other simulator games in the past, we?re now being presented with, yet, another simulator game by the name of Grass Simulator.

It is not a new Greenlight developer though, so nobody has to pay a hundred bucks to get things going. Here?s the description of the game and what it is supposed to be about:

Have you waited all your life for a game that brings plot and gameplay together?

Well, we have the game for you. With full realistic grass physics, beautiful sky-boxes, Cows?!

Grass Simulator is the game of the next generation. Here are the awesome things possible in Grass Simulator:

  • Grass
  • Dynamic Grass Graphics
  • Realistic Weather
  • Wonderful Environment
  • Cows?!
  • More Grass

Though this might sound like another internet joke like the Rock Simulator game (which, by the way, is a real game), the trailer video that comes with it looks more promising. Featuring stuff like looting, dynamic weather and shooting (yes, you can shoot stuff with a gun)

And interestingly enough, the submission is doing quite well. According to the developers of the game Grass Simulator, it is already in Greenlight?s Top 100. If things stay the way they are, Grass Simulator would be most likely released on Steam, along with Rock Simulator most probably.

As expected, not everybody is buying the idea of another ?pointless? simulator game.


Grass Simulator 1

Grass Simulator 1

But, seriously, if this is the trend that indie games are going into, some gamers would definitely be afraid.

It would seem that the developers are just having some fun with this ?game? though, while people all over the internet feed the ?trolls?.

A guy from Kotaku even made a joke out of it, but it could well be a thing in the future

Nothing Simulator 2015

?It’s a bit early in development, so there is not much to show yet. This is also, as you may ?guess, why it’s 2015, and not 2014, as I won’t be able to finish that behemoth on my own before Christmas Sales.

Key Features are:

Realistic Nothing Simulation

Over 50 shades of Nothing the player can engage with

200+ different Levels and Settings

Realistic Life-like Graphics, like nothing you’ve seen before

A touching story for all ages

And one of the best written Antagonists of all Videogame History, if I say so myself

Buy now, and you will get the Release Day DLC: Nothing comes from Nothing for free.

Or buy the Special Edition “Never Say Nothing Edition”and get this hand-crafted statue of Nothing:

I know it’s a bit early, and a bit of a scam, er, a risk, but I’m sure with your money, we all together will be able to reach the Kickstarter goal of giving me 3 Million US-Dollars!?

Image Source: steamcommunity.com


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