Grandfathered TV Series Becomes Full House Reunion!

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John Stamos and Bob Saget will reunite on set after a long-time on the new comedy series from Fox, ?Grandfathered.? Fox announced on Wednesday that Saget will join his ?Full House? co-star Stamos once again after a cameo appearance on the new sitcom, according to the Wrap.

The comedy series, featuring actor John Stamos as a longtime bachelor who unexpectedly turns into a grandfather, will have a supposed ?Full House? reunion with guest star Bob Saget when he returns as Ronnie, a long time friend and wingman of Jimmy, on an upcoming episode, shared by the Wrap.

Bob Saget is a Grammy nominated stand-up comedian, known for hosting ?America?s Funniest Home Videos? from 1989 to 2007. John Stamos is also known for his role on the medical drama television series, ER.

John Stamos talks about his new series and describes what the ?Grandfathered? is all about. ?It?s about a fun-loving bachelor who seems to have it all. In fact, Jimmy thinks he has it all, but in reality he is missing something,? Stamos shares in an interview with Yahoo! ?One day he gets it when an instant family walks through the door of his restaurant.

It is a guy who is trying to hold on to his old life while learning to embrace his new life, which the audience knows all along is what is missing from his life and ultimately what will make him happiest,? he added.

?When he realizes he has a family, he tries to do the right thing, be a good dad and a good grandfather. But he still wants to have fun and be a good restaurant owner and go to parties. He is a work in progress throughout the show. Like maybe he will realize that dating young stupid girls isn?t the best, most fulfilling option.?

Fuller House

Aside from reuniting at ?Grandfathered,? both Saget and Stamos are set to make an appearance on ?Fuller House,? a ?Full House? revival series on Netflix which will have 13 episodes. ?Fuller House? is set to premiere in 2016, according to ET Online.

?Grandfathered? airs Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox.

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