Grand Theft Auto V: What Happens When Elders Play?

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Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V (Elders React: Gaming) Screengrab from YouTube React Channel

Grand Theft Auto V is a very popular and successful game. Sure it?s not for everybody but the game?s success can?t be denied. But what happens when elders?play Grand Theft Auto V without knowing anything about the game or what it is supposed to do?

In the video courtesy of the React channel, ?a group of elders are selected to try out Grand Theft Auto V for the first time. They don?t know the goal of the game but play it anyway. After trying to familiarize themselves with how the game works, they set off. Their reactions to their characters kicking doors of cars and taking it for themselves are hilarious. A little while after they are let loose on the streets, they find out that there are guns that they can use and all hell breaks loose. They try to shoot people or cars or anything in their way. Suffice to say, the cops get them at some point but not after causing some damage to the streets.

They then reflect on what the game is and while others appreciated the graphics as well as the experience of letting loose, some said that the game is a bit too violent for their grand kids. Although they did have a lot of fun playing it, they don?t recommend it for everybody. Their reactions are priceless!

Image Credit: Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V (Elders React: Gaming) Screengrab from YouTube?React Channel.

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