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Grand Theft Auto Online Update: Import/Export Brings Exciting Car Theft Mission

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Rockstar Games recently released a grand Grand Theft Auto Online update. The update is focused on stealing cars. It is called ?Import/Export.?

Import/Export includes new ways to make money, as well as some vehicles. But the problem is the expansion will leave you with not much to do. That is unless you own a million.

So Import/Export basically leaves you watching the wealthy enjoy their rocket cars. The expansion can be best enjoyed by players who have gone far, specifically those who have reached the CEO status. These players can opt to invest their cash.

Players with CEO status can spend their money on large storage facilities. These facilities are used to keep stolen cars. That?s at least a safe place for your cars until you decide to sell them.

That means CEOs need to steal cars first before they can sell them. Players must get their hands on expensive rides. Then they should be driven back to the warehouse. One of the most exciting parts of this car theft mission scenario is ensuing that the car has minimal damage when it gets to the warehouse.

CEOs should then export the cars to various buyers in San Andreas. Those who intend to try car theft and car-selling missions should note that they can be interrupted by other players. Rival biker gangs, for instance, can steal cars from you. They can do so while you are in a mission. Rival biker gangs can exchange them for scrap and XP.

The cheapest vehicle warehouse, by the way, is worth $1.5 million. You should own a warehouse before you can get the chance to experience the latest vehicle theft missions. The best thing about the Import/Export update is that it is free to all GTA V owners.

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