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Grand Theft Auto Online News: New Territory Control Mode That Feels Like Splatoon

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Grand Theft Auto Online
Grand Theft Auto Online

The latest?Grand Theft Auto Online news is that it is set to spoil its playbase this holiday season with its new free Import/Export expansion. One of the game modes from this awesome expansion is the Turf Wars mode. Simply put, the game mode is pretty much how Splatoon would play out with cars, rockets, and R-rated violence. So yes, you should get hyped up.

Turf Wars

Moreover, Turf Wars mode will have you join one of four teams who are out for dominance over the tiles. These tiles are captured for the team by simply driving over them.

Hence, these tiles are your turf. Its your goal to take everyone else?s turf while protecting your own. This is all also why, it’s made us think of Splatoon.

However,?unlike Splatoon, expect explosions and carnage to dominate the landscape. The Turf Wars arena will be covered with rockets for you and everyone to blow each other up.

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Meanwhile, the rest of the expansion is pretty much centered around cars. Import/Export will have you getting into all sorts of trouble for these new premiere cars.

You?ll be the boss of your organization and will manage your new Executive Garage. This isn?t just some new garage though, it’s best described as a car warehouse that will let you hold as much as 60 cars. It’s not just limited to cars though, you?ll also be able to house all your other military and flying vehicles for your very legal daily operations.

The expansion will have you stealing and selling cars to your new clientele. It will be important to take care of each car you take and hold in your warehouse. The better the car?s condition, the higher your clients will pay.

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We have all of the awesome new cars listed below. Hopefully, you don?t end up trashing them when you get a hold of them in the game.

Special Vehicles

  • ????????JoBuilt Phantom Edge
  • ????????BF Ramp Buggy
  • ????????Brute Armored Boxville
  • ????????Coil Rocket Voltic
  • ????????Nagasaki Blazer Aqua
  • ????????MTL Wastelander
  • ????????Imponte Ruiner 2000
  • ????????Karin Technical Aqua


  • ????????Ocelot Penetrator
  • ????????Annis Elegy Retro Custom
  • ????????Pegassi Tempesta
  • ????????Principe Diablous and Diablous Custom

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