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Grand Theft Auto 5 News & Update: Upcoming Liberty City Mod Will Get You Banned

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Grand Theft Auto 5 News
Grand Theft Auto 5 News

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been receiving many great updates lately. But as great as these new updates are, they all dwarf in comparison to the work recently done by a dedicated team of modders.

The mod team OpenIV are working on a new mod that will put Rockstar?s development team to shame. They?re working on a new mod that?s set to bring Liberty City back to Grand Theft Auto 5.

The Mod

There was a lot of speculation that Rockstar would release a Liberty City expansion for Grand Theft Auto 5 several months ago. However Rockstar appears to have no plans for such an expansion.

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With many players still hoping to revisit the streets of Liberty City again in Grand Theft Auto 5, the mod team Open IV has decided to take on the challenge. The team has already announced their grand plan to bring Liberty City to the game.

The task to bring Liberty City to Grand Theft Auto V is a hard one to say the least. But, Open IV is also behind the famous Grand Theft Auto modding tool. Open IV may just succeed.

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Liberty City will exist across the seas and players will be able to travel to it. The new Liberty City mod will also work with Episodes from Liberty City. The team has yet to announce the official release date for the highly anticipated mod. However, a teaser trailer is already up on YouTube.

The teaser trailer starts off with a cargo plane taking off from San Andreas? airfield. The plane then flies over the sea towards Liberty City?s recognizable city skyline.


This upcoming Liberty City mod will face some trouble when it comes out. Rockstar does not allow mods on Grand Theft Auto V, especially on multiplayer.

Players running mods on multiplayer often get banned on a daily basis. Players who attempt to run the Liberty City mod will most likely get banned.?

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