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Grand Theft Auto 5: How to Unlock Tron Ride with a Biker Gang

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Grand Theft Auto is rocking today?s gamers with the adventurous concept that has brought the players on edge. The developers are dedicated to providing the unmatched out-of-the-box experience that expected out of the title. Released in 2013, GTA was always updated with new stuff and innovative concept to lure the players.

Recently, Rockstar Games have offered another kind of criminal organization i.e. a biker gang. Yes, players can ride a bike with the gang in the most macho style ever. The company called it a ?Biker? update which lets the players transform their characters into a badass biker with customized vehicles. Not only this, they are also offering you to form a gang with up to eight players.

Biker Update with Cunning Stunts

The biker update sounds like a smaller version of a criminal empire where the player can act as the leader and have his followers. The players can use the gang for not only theft, but they can even earn serious cash by teaming up as a biker gang.

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They are also able to get access to some new adventurous bikes and clubhouses. The biking experience will be further enhanced by introducing plenty of new motorcycles like the Tron style as well as biker theme attire and fancy tattoos. The game is also updated with the ?Cunning Stunts? which enable the players to perform daring stunts by using new creation tools.

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How to Unlock Tron Style bike for the gang?

Although not an officially licensed addition, the developers calls this extra feature the Nagasaki Shotaro bike, which is a resembles the cool Tron bikes. ?The bike will leave a colored trail behind them which lure more players to try the update. All the gang members will be able to ride a different colored ride which leaves different colored trails. For unlocking the purchase of Tron bike, the players need to play a round of ?Deadline? which is available in GTA online.

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