Gran Turismo Sport Release Date: April 2017 Leak Is Unlikely

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Gran Turismo Sport Release Date
Source: “Gran Turismo Sport” Closed BETA Opening Movie

Recently, rumors of Gran Turismo Sport’s release date have surfaced. Apparently, a Finnish retailer listed an April 27 Gran Turismo Sport release date on its page. However, this release is unlikely considering the current state of the game as well as past launch dates of past games in the series.

Release Date Rumor

According to the Finnish retailer Puolenkuun Pelit, “Gran Turismo 7” is slated to be released this coming April 24. Gran Turismo Sport developer Polyphony Digital has long confirmed that Gran Turismo Sport could be considered as Gran Turismo 7 when considering the wealth of content it offers. Since the game was delayed from its original November 2016 launch, both Sony and Polyphony Digital have yet to announce its new launch date in 2017.

Unusual Schedule

All of the Gran Turismo game releases, save for Gran Turismo 3, have been released during the fourth quarter of the year. Gran Turismo Sport’s rumored April release won’t follow the usual schedule of Gran Turismo releases. However, this upcoming entry doesn’t announce much of its progress to the fans. We’ll have to wait until next month if it’ll really be released this early.

Gran Turismo Sport Beta

Last March 17, the Gran Turismo Sport closed beta has gone online and select players were able to try out the early build of the upcoming racing game. The closed beta is only available to select PS USN users. However, plenty of fans on Twitter voiced out that they didn’t get picked for the beta. Fans will have to wait for the registration to open up again to get a spot in the closed beta or even in a possible open beta.

According to the official Gran Turismo site, Polyphony Digital Inc. president Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed that there will be a “Phase 2” of the Gran Turismo Sport closed beta. Phase 2 beta players will also be selectively chosen by the team, which means players have little control on who gets to play this racing game early.

Console Beta Trend

Recent titles like For Honor, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Nioh have released beta versions of the game to gather player feedback. These betas were released closely to their full game’s release date. Potentially, the Gran Turismo Sport closed beta may already be a sign of its rumored April release date. However, the game hasn’t even gone gold yet, which makes it highly unlikely to happen. Stay updated with more Gran Turismo Sport news here on TheBitBag.

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