Gran Turismo Sport Release Date: 2017 Launch Possibly On Track As GT Sport Gets PlayStation VR Demo At CES 2017

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Developer Polyphony Digital originally fronted a?Gran Turismo Sport release date for?November 2016 until the developers decided to delay it. Considering the game has only gotten a vague 2017 release window, some fans are worried it might not even launch this year. However, it’s possible the game will hit shelves this?2017?considering Sony has been confident in the title and making it playable in most events recently.?

GT Sport Demo

Not only was the game playable at Paris Motor Show 2016?and PlayStation Experience 2016, the crowd at CES 2017 can get a hands-on experience of the game with PlayStation VR support.?During the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event that was held in Las Vegas, onE of the highlights is the Playstation VR demo of Gran Turismo Sport.

While there is still no official Gran Turismo Sport release date, it shows Sony is that the developers are confident to lot the crowd try the newer build of the game. The title was delayed into 2017 because Polyphony Digital?needed more time for development and they didn’t want to “compromise the experience in any way”. “While we cannot confirm a a release date at this time, we are more commited that ever to making GT Sport the best Gran Turismo game to date,” said series creator Kazunori Yamauchi back in August.

GT Sport So Far

Since the game’s delay, the developers have touted?HDR implementation, an 18 GB VPS uncompressed stream, and many more. Players can look forward to races that are more smoother, vibrant and realistic than ever before. Furthermore, the cars that are in the game can be appreciated even more due to it’s 4K detailed improvements.

The 4K and 60fps enhancement of the game will help with the intricate details of the car from their accessories up to their color. In order to create a more dynamic and lifelike gameplay, the team has also invested and studied on how to properly utilize a spectra based image sensor. This is done in order to capture the perfect colors and light that the game needs.

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While a?Gran Turismo Sport release date has not be set in stone and finalized, fans can keep checking Sony’s official accounts for any reveals. It’s also possible we’ll get new info at E3 2017.?

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