Gran Turismo Sport Graphics: Huge Improvements From GT6, But With Minor Changes

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Gran Turismo Sport
Source: Gran Turismo Sport – Closed Beta Trailer | PS4 video

Gran Turismo Sport’s beta graphics is definitely a huge improvement from Gran Turismo 6. However, the large differences have been attained through graphical polishes and not much groundbreaking technology. Here’s how Gran Turismo Sport stacks up to the last-gen game..

Graphics Improvement

According to Digital Foundry’s video, Gran Turismo Sport has definitely improved compared from its predecessor game last 2013. Better looking trees, lighting, and striking visuals could be seen in the title as of its beta build. New structures and crowd have also been added in certain parts of select race tracks to avoid making them look empty.


As far as the graphics show, Polyphony Digital definitely polished Gran Turismo Sport’s graphics. The visuals look sharp for both the PS4 and PS4 Pro version. The improved look will definitely allow fans to appreciate the cars and even the racetrack scenery. The road, trees, and other structures look better in Gran Turismo Sport and is said to be “a generation leap” in terms of visuals. 

However, the focus on realism focus prevents the game from having eye-popping visuals. Additionally, Gran Turismo Sport is restricted to pulling off real-life dimensions of cars. The upcoming game might not beat any other game when it comes to graphics, but it’s definitely good on its own.

60 FPS

Digital Foundry also confirmed that Gran Turismo Sport beta ran consistently on 60FPS. If the frame-rate consistency makes it to the full game, races will be more intuitive and smooth. Polyphony Digital has long confirmed of a competitive scene for Gran Turismo Sport, which makes consistent frame rates highly appreciated. However, we still have to account for netcode to fully decide if Gran Turismo Sport is viable for competitive play.

Polishing Job

Gran Turismo Sport’s improved graphics came from polishing their execution better than the previous titles. The details look similar for both GT Sport and GT 6. Gran Turismo Sport doesn’t deliver any groundbreaking improvement, just well-executed ones. Players will still have track racing and skillful driving gameplay, which graphics alone can’t save.

We have to wait for Gran Turismo Sports’ release to know if Polyphony Digital has any other graphics settings and offerings. The game supports different resolution settings to help the player adjust according to their hardware. This game will offer a car racing eSport scene which is rare to see to this day. Let’s hope that Gran Turismo Sport stays beautiful for both their casual and competitive fans to enjoy.

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