Gran Turismo Sport: How To Earn A Real Racing License By Playing The Game

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Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport has created a lot of buzz after its presentation at E3 2016. Developer Polyphony Digital is gearing up to launch the game this November, and the upcoming title can even get you a racing license. As acquiring a motorsports license is not easy, GT Sport provides gamers the chance to get one just by playing the game.

During an interview, game producer Kazunori Yamauchi, who himself is a professional racing driver, revealed that players of Gran Turismo Sport can get a racing license by achieving a certain level of expertise in driving. He told GameSpot that as a professional racer, he understands how difficult it is to get a license as it needs patience, time and a lot of money.

According to Yamauchi, there are very few people in the world who join the motorsports world, so to make sure that the game remains popular in the real world, this program is being held to encourage people.

There?s a racing etiquette mode in Gran Turismo Sport, and to obtain the license, players will be required to learn the etiquette by completing the mode. Along with this, players will have to achieve at least a silver medal in all the campaign mode events. Players will also be required to maintain their sportsmanship points and driver class.

However, those interested in achieving this level to obtain their license should note that the license Yamauchi is talking about is not the same as a real driver?s license. This license will only allow players to be eligible for participating in on-track motorsports events and can only be used in such events. This means you?ll have to get a driver?s license if you want to drive on the streets.

To make sure that only the deserving players get the rewards, Polyphony Digital will track the behavior of the player as a racer. In the etiquette mode of Gran Turismo Sport, players will have to learn things such as signal and safety rules.

Gran Turismo Sport will be released this November 15 for the PS4. The game will support Sony?s upcoming PlayStation VR.

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