Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Screenshots

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For those of you who cannot get enough GT updates. There are some screenshots over at Gemaga. I’m a big 360 fan (I don’t have any Sony machines) and hate to admit it, but I have to say, these screens look much nicer than the ones for Forza 2 (please . . . no flaming). Just when you think graphics could not get any better, the developers blow us away again and again. I’ve been nostalgic this week thanks to TD’s retrospective post, and this reminds me of how I felt when 2K Sports brought football to the Dreamcast. I remember passing by Ulala of Space Channel 5 at the Sega booth at E3 and wondering if what I was seeing on the displays was live ESPN football footage because it was so realistic. The particular scene I was watching was a game being played in the winter and you could see the cold breath coming from each of the players. Anyways, it will take a while to load each screen, but you must check out each and every one.

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