Gotham Season 3 Eyeing Extreme Makeover For Poison Ivy?

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Gotham Season 3

Gotham Season 3 is set to air this fall. One of the characters that will make a reappearance will be Poison Ivy. However, it will not be the little, seemingly harmless girl in the previous seasons. It will be a bigger and badder one. The upcoming season will also introduce a super villain and another character from DC comics that will keep Batman?s hands full.

TV Line reports that Gotham Season 3 is casting for an older Poison Ivy in her late teens is ongoing. This can only mean that Clare Foley will not be reprising her usual role anymore. Another adversary for the Dark Knight that will grace the screens will be in the form of the Mad Hatter. Vicki Vale will also debut this upcoming season.

Development executive producer John Stephens says the change is ?in line with all the other story we?ve been telling [in Season 2], but one piece that we?ve kept hidden.? Stephens also teases ?the nature of the city of Gotham will change,? referring to the bus of Hugo Strange which was filled with creations that will be let loose.

Fans and followers of the Gotham TV series have been teased with the long haired doppelganger of Bruce Wayne in Season 2 finale.

Screen Rant says that it is still unclear if the upgraded version of Poison Ivy will become a regular character in Gotham Season 3. Considering that the character will be a young woman, the possibility of her luring men into her trap using her sexuality is most likely. Although Poison Ivy?s comic version used pheromones to accomplish such a task, it remains to be seen if the same will be done in the TV series.

With all the character additions and Strange?s monsters possibly running amok, James Gordon will desperately try to keep Gotham City intact.

Season 3 of Gotham already has a huge fan base and followers. However, the show will probably attract more viewers due to the extreme makeovers and amped strangeness in general. Whether it will work well for the show and the people behind it remains to be seen. I guess we?ll all have to wait until it officially debuts this coming October.

What do you think about the upgrading of the character of Poison Ivy coupled with the introduction of new characters?

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