Gotham Season 3 Spoilers: Penguin’s Team and Fish Mooney’s New Power

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Gotham Season 3 spoilers are just around the corner. As it is very hard to surf the internet or even social media without having a glimpse of a potential spoiler. It looks like the Mad City is in for a party.

Gotham Season 3 Spoilers:The Return of Fish Mooney

Penguin, also known as Oswald Cobblepot, will be in a bit of a shock now that his former master, Fish Mooney, has returned and aims to bend the city to her will. According to Robin Lord Taylor on his interview with Variety, it is imperative that his character make a stronger alliance after what happened to Cobblepot last year. He lost both his parents, he got banished by everyone he trusted, and he has now a large gap to fill in his life. According to Taylor, Cobblepot requires allies, it is vital that there are people on his side.

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Penguin?s Possible Allies

Hence, the connection between Nygma and Cobblepot makes perfect sense. The Co-executive producer John Stephens has also fortified the comments of Taylor. According to his interview with TV insider, Nygma and Penguin?s duo will be a real deal.

Gotham season 3 spoilers showed the audiences how Penguin and Nygma causes chaos. As Penguin will be using Edward Nygma?s knowledge to control Gotham City once more. Just when fans think that the Penguin and Nygma is a great combination of Chaos, there?s more.

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Another person will be joining up the duo, Butch Gillian. Gillian will be serve as Penguin?s henchman, using him as a muscle to extend his evil menace. According to Powell?s interview with Comic Book, there will be a weird synergy between Nygma, Penguin and Butch.

Fish Mooney?s Dominance Over Penguin is Inevitable

Powell also added that their team will be carry through the whole season. However, no matter which allies the Penguin has, he will still be dominated by Mooney, according to Ken Woodruff. Mooney is a very powerful person in this world, and her time in Indian Hill only made her worse.


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Her time spent on Indian Hill has earned her the ability to forcefully control anyone with her will. She will be spreading quite a menace for everyone, as she couldn?t ask for a better power. For more Gotham Season 3 spoilers, stay tuned at TheBitBag.

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