?Gotham Season 2? Updates: Penguin Adds More Drama In New Season, Tigress, Mr. Freeze, New Villains Revealed

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New villains are coming to Gotham Season 2 as the hit TV series by Fox is preparing for its exciting new episodes. With Penguin at the top of the city?s villain chain, expect challenges and struggles that will test Penguin?s initiative. ?Gotham?s upcoming second season is going to be a treat for fans of the Batman universe,? Ben McKenzie, star of the hit series, shares from TVLine.

Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. The Penguin

Considered as one of the show?s more popular character, The Penguin, played by Robin Lord Taylor, has been catching the hearts of fans because of his unlikely self-proclamation of the ?King of Gotham.? His promotion has kept the fans wondering what will happen to the next season and whether or not he can keep his title in the long run.

?Mr. Cobblepot is the king of Gotham at the moment, but it?s a contentious situation,? McKenzie states from an interview on TVLine. ?He?s got to vie for that constantly,? he adds. So whether or not you?re a fan of the Penguin himself, everyone will surely look out for his future plans.

New Villains

Assuming that Oswald Cobblepot still isn?t ready for the title of ?mob boss? in Gotham, he might have to prepare for the upcoming new villains that are set to show up in the second season of the hit series. DC Comic character villains Theo and Tabitha Galvan are going to rise to the occasion as they will be regulars in the upcoming season, according to Latinos Post. Some of you may know Tabitha Galvan better as ?Tigress? in the comics along with his brother Theo, his main enforcer.

Clayface, The Mad Hatter, as well as Mr. Freeze is also set to join the casts of characters in the TV?series, according to Cinemablend. It definitely looks like the Penguin will have to get ready for an electrifying new season.

DC fans will surely find Season 2 of Gotham a series that will keep you off your seats.



Harley Quinn and The Joker may show up in the next season. According to Franchise Herald, there are rumors that Barbara Gordon, played by Erin Richards, is going to be put in Arkham Asylum along with the eccentric Jerome Valeska. Although they are not related in any way, there is always uncertainty in the world of Gotham so watch out.

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