Gotham Season 2 Joker Appearance? New Characters, Darker Setting, Mr. Freeze To Appear?

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Season 2 of Gotham is final happening, and here are some of the latest updates and official poster.

Even if it?s a pre-Batman story, Gotham has made an amazing feat for its 1st season, getting around six million viewers each episode. This made the 1st season go from the original 16-episode run to a longer 22 episode line-up, it?s a no-brainer if Fox decides to give a green light for its second season.


You will be expecting new villains for season 2 after the events from the previous episode. Aside from the recently hinted major bat-villains from the likes of the Joker and Mr. Freeze showing up for the 2nd season and Edward Nygma finally following the path of becoming the Riddler, the new Gotham baddies are Theo and Tabitha Galvan, Theo claims to be a billionaire who wants to change the city in a good way but has a different way in dealing with problems, more like the DC version of Kingpin.

Meanwhile Tabitha is the sister of Theo, she will be better known to the fans as the new version of the Tigress, and will be one of Selina Kyle?s inspiration for her to become Catwoman. Both characters will become a regular in season 2


Theo Galan will be played by James Frain (who made roles in Spartacus, 24?s fourth season, True Blood and Marvel?s Agent Carter), Tabitha will be played by Jessica Lucas (Evil Dead 2013 movie and Gracepoint)

Speaking of the Joker, expect to see him more on season 2 as we discover how the Joker we all know, came to be.

In the meantime, you can check the recent Gotham season 2 trailer with some highlights inside the Asylum and a short clip that features Tabitha Galvan.


Mark your calendars now as Gotham season 2 will premiere on September 21 at 8PM

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