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Gotham Season 2 Release Features Super Villains, Interesting Subplots And More!

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Season 2 of Gotham has just premiered and fans are expecting to see more and more action and suspense as the awesome new season progresses. It?s safe to say that we?ll be seeing a lot more super villains and Gordon trying to save Gotham, so be sure to prepare yourself for some invigorating new characters and the return of some of your favorites.

Producer Bruno Heller was able to talk to?the Hollywood Reporter about the new season of Gotham and how everyone?s character story will progress. ?We knew the season was the story of Penguin?s rise to power, so that was always there,? Heller states in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, ?but how we got there was up in the air as we were writing it. So much of [the mythology] is laid out before you because of the future that everyone is aware of, but there are many things were, to keep a sense of life and things happening without the knowledge of history, we?d just tell the story and see how things unfold.?

He also had an interesting view of Gotham character Barbara, portrayed by Erin Richards. ?The plot between Barbara and Lee came out of the show as it developed,? he said. ?We always knew from the start that Barbara was the wrong woman for Gordon.?

On the other hand, Heller also revealed some surprising ideas of what to expect from character Selina, played by Camren Bicondova. ?Selina is one of those interesting Gotham characters in that she?s ambiguous,? Heller said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. ?It?s still very much a story of a girl, not a woman, and teenagers try on different roles. She?s still a protean human being. We?re playing with that ? she?s not going to become one thing or the other definitively until she?s a grown up.?

Check out the Maniax Red Band Trailer if you haven?t seen it yet:

If you missed the second season premier of ?Gotham,? you can watch it online by clicking this link.

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