Gotham City Sirens: Megan Fox Gets The Role of Poison Ivy

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Gotham City Sirens

DC is on FIRE! After the success of Suicide Squad, DC fans started to look forward for what they will be pulling off next. Since everybody heard the news about DC?s upcoming film, Gotham City Sirens, people had been waiting impatiently for the announcement of who will be included in the cast.

With that being said, who can forget about Margot Robbie? Margot Robbie definitely set a high-standard after her standout performance in Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie?s representation of the Harley Quinn role was so awesome, the creators immediately decided to make her own movie. Thus, the creation of Gotham City Sirens.

And with Margot Robbie already settled for the Harley Quinn role, the Catwoman and Poison Ivy slot remains empty. But not for long.

Megan Fox to play the role of Poison Ivy in Gotham City Sirens

Way before Harley Quinn appeared in Suicide Squad, the most famous DC female villain was Poison Ivy. That?s why a lot of DC fans were excited knowing that this seductively poisonous mother of nature is going to appear in Gotham City Sirens.

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And while everybody still imagines Poison Ivy played by Uma Thurman, there were claims that Megan Fox is currently the one being eyed to play the role of the female antagonist. ?According to Metro, the rumors started when a Megan Fox was reported to be collecting DC Comic Books such as Harley Quinn #14, #17, and #38.

Gotham City Sirens

Which would have been normal, if it was just Harley Quinn. But two of those specific series feature Poison Ivy and her connection with Harley Quinn. And the other one features the Gotham City Police Department.

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How true are the reports?

Well, so far, there hasn?t been any official statement about the future castings. However, with all the things heating up with Gotham City Sirens, Megan Fox?s actions may strike up some people?s curiosity.

In fact, as per iTech Post, back in 2014, Megan Fox even specified that she?s interested to play the role of Poison Ivy if she?s given the chance. And now that Gotham City Sirens had been officially announced, Megan Fox might try her luck for the role.

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