Game of Thrones Needs Your vote: Who Would You Want to Sit on the Iron Throne?

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The most important election this year. Who should sit on the Iron Throne?

As we wait another year before we hopefully find out who will end up leading the Seven Kingdoms, Game of Thrones has taken the battle to the Internet. Through a massive campaign with banners a-waving and calling out even to those who ?feel left out,? HBO came up with a unique and timely way to pound the Digital HD sales drum for GOT Season 6, through a fantastic video that calls for a vote. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump can top this.

The GOT Party online today features 4 candidates, their running mates and their respective platforms.

Jon Snow with Lyanna Mormont leads the poll at 56% as of this writing. He aims for Northern sovereignty, rebuilding the Night?s Watch, allowing the free folk to settle the gift, inheritance rights of the illegitimate children and of course, preparing for the long night, that is to say, the White Walkers.

Daenerys Targaryen runs with Tyrion Lannister and is currently the second favorite at 36%. She is aiming to achieve freedom for the known world, repopulation of dragons, unification of Essos and Westeros, female empowerment and of course, restoring her divine right to the Seven Kingdoms.

Cersei Lannister runs with Qyburn, and her platform involves bailing out the Iron Bank, separation of church and crown, family advocacy and revising the line of succession to the Iron Throne. She is pro trial by combat. She is an advocate of strong central government. At the moment, she has the least votes at 2.4%.

The final running mates are Petyr Baelish and Sansa Stark. As we know, Baelish shares no royal bloodlines and has spent a lifetime climbing the political ladder from humble origins. His platform revolves around economics as he would like to prioritize small business growth, Iron Bank debt reduction, diplomatic ties to the North and transportation innovation. They currently have 5.6% votes.

Vote everyday

What you, loyal subject, are tasked to do, is to vote (by ballot or blade) each day for the whole month of August, on who you think would be the best to rule Westeros. Winner of the ?election? will be announced on September 1st.

The polling website also encourages visitors to buy and rewatch Season 6 on the following digital media platforms: Amazon, Flixster, iTunes, Verizon, Xbox, Cinema Now, Google Play, Sony and Vudu.

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