Gossip Girl Creators to Make the Next Fifty Shades-like show on TV?

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Taking a bigger and ?bolder? step.

The creators behind the success of Gossip Girl are now making another move to adapt a book series into a TV show. But this won?t be the same as before when they did the adaptation of a young adult book series.

The rumors revealed that the two are planning the show to be inspired by more mature and daring content. Do you have any idea what series it will be?

According to Cinema Blend, the creators are now working to formulate a story out of ?Calendar Girl,? a 12-book series by Audrey Carlan. It was reported that ABC Signature had already earned the rights of the book series for Schwartz and Savage to use.

The Calendar Girl tells the story of an ambitious woman, Mia Saunders, whose father found himself in a trouble after having a 1 million dollar gambling debt. Mia came to the rescue and agreed on a deal with a ?lone shark,? who happens to be her ex-boyfriend. And how? She agreed to be a high-priced escort.

She worked in Exquisite Escorts, owned by her aunt, to earn her father?s debt in just a year. Though it?s okay for Mia to have sex, price will definitely be higher if they decided to get there. She did it in every place, in every client, all for the love and debt of her father.

The book series has already been likened to ?Fifty Shades of Grey.? The novels, bought by Waterhouse Press, have already sold 450,000 copies with some of the book?s volumes placing in USA Today?s Best Selling Books list?s top 50.

As the story set to be adapted on TV, you should expect this will be a romantic yet erotic show that will feature hot, sexy and intense scenes which will surely hook a possible audience. The number of episodes has yet to be revealed but reports suggest that it might be depending on Mia?s adventures every month.

Isn?t it interesting to follow this kind of storyline? If successful, it will definitely be a long TV series. So let’s keep the anticipation up, as soon you might see this sex-powdered drama on your television.

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