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GoPro Hero 6 Launch Date, Price, Specs & All The Details We Know So Far

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gopro hero 6 launch date

Despite the Hero 5 production issues, the recall of Karma drones, and overall poor sales, GoPro is still giving its action camera line another chance this year. During the company’s quarterly earnings call on February, CEO Nick Woodman confirmed that they are launching “new cameras and accessories” in 2017 and one those would be the GoPro Hero 6. He did not go into specifics what their new product would exactly offer, but we’ve combined all we know about Hero 5’s successor below including the expected GoPro Hero 6 launch date, specs, and price.

GoPro Hero 6 Specs

Spherical, 360-degree camera

Its specs are anyone’s guess at this point. But Woodman mentioned a spherical GoPro camera at the CES this year. Speaking to Engadget, the executive said they are developing a novel way to record 360-degree videos with a multi-lens camera. He particularly envisions the product to be able to create a “spherical video” which users could watch back on a phone like how everyone can now on Facebook and YouTube. But as they move the phone around, the positions can be tracked and a standard 2D video can still be created for easy sharing.

He said GoPro users are already using their cameras and their multi-camera rigs to produce make surround-video content. Those rigs include the Omni, a synchronized six-camera spherical array, and Odyssey, a 16-camera panoramic stereo array; so the idea of a 360-degree camera totally makes sense.

Virtual Reality Support

If the rumors are anything to go by, virtual reality will likely be a major feature of the GoPro Hero 6 too. As the technology is slowly becoming mainstream today, it’s not surprising that GoPro is trying its hand in the VR field. At the earnings call, Woodman stated that virtual reality offers an exciting opportunity for action camera makers like them. Support for the tech, coupled with the 36o-degree lens, will reportedly allow the spherical videos to look as vibrant as the reality.

8K resolution & more!

Hero 5’s successor is expected to at least offer 4K resolution as this would probably become mainstream by the time of the GoPro Hero 6 launch. However, reports posit that it could also embrace 8K resolution. Apart from this, we can also expect 60fps video recording and a slimmer design from the dinky 118g of the predecessor. The company will likely improve the battery in the GoPro Hero 6 as well for longer recording times. If we’re lucky, we may see the action camera house a 1,500 mAh cell for the first time.

GoPro Hero 6 Launch Date – When Is It Coming Out?

Woodman didn’t give any potential time during 2017 that its next-gen action camera would be released. But since the Hero 5 Black and Session hit the shelves just last fall, we predict it won’t be launched until the second half of the year. GoPro released both Hero 4 and Hero 5 in the month of September. Assuming they’ll follow that timeline, the Hero 6 should become available in the same month this year.

GoPro Hero 6 Price – How Much Will It Cost?

Pricing details for Hero 6 remain unavailable to date, but it will likely have a competitive price tag considering the financial problems the company faced last year. The current Hero 5 costs $399, though it recently had a price cut of $100. Our estimate is that the GoPro Hero 6 price will not go beyond $400.

Then again, these are not confirmed yet so take everything with a healthy dose of skepticism for now. We’ll be sure to update you, though, once GoPro releases new information about Hero 6. In the meantime, let us know what you think of its initial specs. What should GoPro do to Hero 6 to compensate its big loss last year? Leave your comments below!

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