Google’s Project Athena For Chrome OS Gets Teased Via Screenshot By Fran?ois Beaufort

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Google evangelist Fran?ois Beaufort shared a screenshot of Project Athena, Google’s current Chrome OS experiment

Google evangelist, Fran?ois Beaufort, shared a screenshot of Project Athena, Google’s current Chrome OS experiment

Project Athena is a current experiment by Google relevant to the development of its Chrome OS that has been leaked a few times before. But now, we finally have an idea of how it will look like thanks to a recent Google+ post by Fran?ois Beaufort.

Fran?ois Beaufort is a Google Chrome enthusiast. After leaking numerous upcoming Chrome features, Google has decided to hire him last year. According to his post, the Chromium OS team is experimenting with a refurbished user interface (UI) for Chrome OS. He described the screenshot that came with the post as a draft that ?consists a collection of windows with some simple window management.?

As you can see in the image, the new UI displays a stack of ?cards,? each seems to represent a browser tab. A drawer of apps appears on the bottom part of the screen represented by dummy icons along with a search box above it, suggesting that users can jump to other applications just by searching for it. Meanwhile, network and battery indicators are located on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Bare-bone and rudimentary design aspects aside, this Project Athena screenshot is deeply reminiscent of the Android L?s new multitasking interface.

The existing UI being used by Chrome OS appears to be more similar to Windows 7 than to Android. Codenamed ?Aura,? this Chrome UI functions better with the conventional mouse-keyboard combo than with fingertip touch inputs. In contrast, project Athena UI looks more touch-friendly than its predecessor. This is a sensible move on Google’s part since touchscreen displays are becoming more and more common nowadays. Furthermore, a touch-optimized interface may provide the necessary boost for Google?s line of touchscreen Chromebook devices.

Apart from this new Project Athena update, various leaks were previously given out involving its Chromium code. Reports that involved plans for integrating touchscreen support, an onscreen keyboard, a split-screen mode, and touch gestures were all speculated to come to Chrome OS via Project Athena.


Photo Credit: ?Fran?ois Beaufort


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