Google’s Project Ara Release Date, Specs, Features

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The search engine giant Google has recently showcased a prototype version of their modular smartphone, codenamed Project Ara. Shipping will begin later this year and developer editions would be the one available.

Project Ara was once just a concept by the great mind of Dave Hakkens.

Modular smartphones are similar to a computer, a particular part of the phone can be upgraded or replaced easily, just like upgrading a computer?s CPU, graphics card, and CPU. Old hardware is also promised to be compatible for?the upcoming new ones in the future.

It?s a Lego-like smartphone. If the users are tight in budget, they can buy a particular part of the phone first and eventually building it as time passes by. It consists of Memory, Processor, Camera and, Battery. People can easily build smartphones that suit their needs and styles.

Google?s Project Ara smartphone is reportedly sturdier and has a?longer lifespan than any of the current products available on the market today, as its hardware can be easily upgraded or replaced if needed. Invitation for the third-party developers?is now being handed out.

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Third party developers are now being invited to cooperate using the developer edition of the said phone that will be shipped later this year.

A video surfaced online that shows how Project Ara?s pieces can be easily removed from the base of the phone, it currently has 6 rooms for modules and can be swapped at the user?s will. These modules are able to fit into any of slot module of the phone, it is powered by the new Greybus software.

Greybus software intends to deliver power efficiency, instantaneous connections and data transfer rates that can reach up to 12Gbps. The phone?s frame has the core, it has fixed functions like GPU, Antennas, Sensors, CPU, Display and the Battery. Developers are also able to include more hardware in modules.

Modules are held and supported in place using connectors and latches that are developed for more future proof or be able to be compatible to the phones of upcoming generations.

Google?s Project Ara is rumored to be released later this year

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