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Google’s Product Designer and Marketing Video Star Mike Lebeau Joins Facebook Team

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Facebook has a new team member: former Google product designer, Mike LeBeau. The social media giant could be cooking something related to voice ? activated search or navigation into the social network that led to this guy?s employment. LeBeau worked for Google and Google X both as a product designer and a staff software engineer. He also worked on various voice ? related technologies, including company ? acquired GrandCentral, the iPhone Voice Search and the evolution of Google Maps for Mobile, Google Voice and 1 ? 800 ? GOOG ? 411. LeBeau is also known by Google fans as a marketing video star.

He has a Fan Base

LeBeau was a member of the early Android team that worked on voice navigation and search features for the OS. He later on worked at Google X to help build the voice interface for the Glass. Before joining the Google team, LeBeau worked for eBay, Tellme Networks, and PayPal. It was his acting job in various numbers of Google marketing videos that made him quite famous on the Internet. You can see him in videos like Explore Nexus S Voice Functions and 20 Searches. His acting career seemingly gave him a bit of a fan base.

Role in Facebook

We can only assume that LeBeau could be focusing on a voice ? related project on Facebook, but his role has not yet been confirmed. This is only a safe bet based on his previous work experience. On his LinkedIn profile, LeBeau expressed his excitement in working with a new confidential project. He even posted a statement on his Facebook account, referring to his 8 amazing years with Google and his new project at Facebook New York as a product manager. LeBeau spent his last day at Google last March 28 and began working with his new team this week.

Facebook at F8

This year?s F8 conference will feature Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg?s keynote, a first for the social media giant since 2011. More than 1, 500 developers from different countries are expected to attend. The conference is likely to discuss topics such as Facebook?s server infrastructure and cross ? platform apps. An expanded agenda was also announced Wednesday, referring to Facebook?s speakers and its subsidiaries, Instagram and Parse.

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