Google?s Latest Purchase: Deep Mind

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In an interesting turn of events, Google announced that it has recently made a very expensive purchase. The company has bought Deepmind, a London-based artificial intelligence firm.

According to reports, the technological giant has shelled out around UsD 400 million to the artificial intelligence firm, in order to have the firm?s very talented roster in Google?s payroll. The fee to be paid to each member of the firm is not revealed to the media.

Deepmind?s Edge

According to many reports, Deepmind is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to artificial intelligence. Although the company is a bit little-known all over the world, it is able to produce some of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence programs out there.

Through an inspired combination of machine technology and general purpose algorithms, there is great potential as to what the company may achieve in the near future once given significant funding.

So far, Google has not yet announced what it would do upon acquiring this three-year old firm. However, speculations arise that Google might use Deepmind in developing some of its featured applications further?commercial applications that are simulations, a means of doing e-commerce and latest games.

Mysteries Abound

It is very clear that Google definitely wants this issue under wraps for the time being. Like its competitor, Apple, Google too likes to play things close to the chest. However, one can?t help but wonder as to why the company would make such an acquisition and how artificial intelligence could further jumpstart Google?s products. The logical conclusion (so far) would be that Deepmind could play a major part in Google?s well-known operating system, Android.

To stoke fans? curiosities even further, the deal to acquire the artificial intelligence firm was spearheaded by no other that Google CEO himself, Larry Page. When asked for the reason as to the purchase, the company CEO likewise kept mum about the matter and refused to comment.

Deepmind was co-founded by a gaming prodigy and neuro-scentist Dennis Hassabis. The company claims that it has been backed by some of the most notable technological entrepreneurs during the last decade. Giving the company bragging rights and resources that helped it develop its artificial intelligence programs.



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