Google’s AI for SmartTV, Smartwatches and Car Systems Revealed

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Google AI

Some have had an encounter with the smart voice assistant of Google. The best quality Google’s smart voice assistant has to offer is its delivery of relevant information from the web. Google AI is not only designed to deliver the accurate information of your queries. It can also entertain you by playing music and videos on demand.

At CES in Las Vegas, Google has announced that it is planning to bring its intelligent voice assistant to smartTVs, smartwatches, and cars. So now your future Android TVs, Android Wear, and even the car system will be embedded with Google’s smart AI. Let’s explore the idea behind this.

Google’s AI for Android TVs and Wearables

Google’s rival companies have already introduced their AIs like Siri and Alexa to Android TV and set-top boxes. And now Google’s planning to embed its interesting and smart voice assistant to its other Android devices like Android televisions and wearables.

Those who are using smartTVs like to stream online media apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc. And with the help of voice assistant, you can easily play the media content just by asking Google AI. You can even connect your home devices such as lights, speakers and ask questions about your requirements like “what are VR devices?”

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No need for Google Home

If Google will embed its smart voice assistant to its entire Android devices, then there will be no need for Google Home. Every Android device will act as the Google Home. There will be many opportunities to say “OK Google.”

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In the coming months, devices, like the Nvidia Shield, and Xiaomi Mi Box, will require a voice remote to control their on-demand activities. But Google’s Android TVs will completely work hands-free, so you can manage the assistant from anywhere in your home without picking any device.

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This is a smart move by Google as it can definitely beat the Amazon Echo. Stay with TheBitBag for getting more information about latest technology.

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